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Welcome to The Symbologist Organization web site.

The Symbologist Organization is dedicated to providing knowledge, methods and techniques to help a person move forward in their life, on all levels no matter what.

The knowledge to accomplish this goal will be presented in the form of Universal Teachings. These Teachings are applicable to every person regardless of their religious or spiritual beliefs, and are based on immutable laws, which can be found in every religion.

When you understand the why's and wherefore's of how the human mind works, it places you in a position of strength. Now you will understand why you do what you do and why you react the way that you do in certain situations. The more you know about yourself the greater the growth and mastery in this life cycle.

The methods and techniques presented will provide you with some basic guidance as to how to understand symbols, the Living Language of the Mind.TM There are many symbolic interpretations on this site to help you get started in learning this magical language that reveals everything. There is a Teaching that states "nothing remains hidden."

We will share information with you that will help you to develop "eyes that see and ears that hear" because your mind is always talking to you. It is always providing guidance to help you find the "kingdom within" and to stay on the narrow path that leads to life.

Life and your mind are communicating with you 24/7. Day and night you are receiving guidance on where you are, where you are headed based on your current belief system and self knowledge, and what you can expect as an outcome to the current pattern of behavior at work.

During the day you are receiving communications from your mind. This is why it is important to pay attention to things that occur during the day that are out of the ordinary, such as stubbing your toe, or losing your keys, or misplacing your wallet. These are just a few ways in which your mind is talking to you. Dreams are another form of guidance, which is why dream interpretation is vital to self realization and mastery.

Your mind talks to you and guides you with symbols. It is our intent to help you learn this language so that you can stop having your personal history repeat itself as it currently does. The reason it does so is because you have created particular patterns of behavior to prove you are who and what you think you should be at a deep subconscious level.

Through understanding your patterns of behavior and the concepts that created them, you have a chance to eliminate them from your life. This will provide an upward swing in your cycles. This will lead to a degree of mastery that will be seen and felt as balance, harmony and peace within and without.

Join us today and begin to experience life from a place of quiet strength and personal power.