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How to Work with Symbols

Symbols communicate actions to be taken. The truth of this can be seen when you look at highway signs. They tell you how to proceed. Your mind also uses traffic signs. Your symbols work the same way as traffic signs. They tell you when to slow down, when to speed up, when to stop, when to go, where to make a left turn, where to make a right turn and so on. Your mind tells you what to do in order to achieve complete reunification with the GOD FORCE within.

There are four ways to interpret symbols. First, you can have someone do it for you. Second, you can use the Universal approach. Third, you can use your own Personal Emotional Association in a positive view, or fourth, you can take the negative view. In truth, symbols have both positive and negative interpretations. Obviously, the most effective interpretations are going to be your own.

The first approach of having someone else interpret your symbols is of no value whatsoever. However, there are many today who feel that they are not capable of handling their responsibilities. There are many who, out of fear and self-doubt, give up their responsibilities to another person.  GOD gave man the Freedom of Choice, so you can choose to give it up.  That is your freedom, your birthright.  But, if you let someone else interpret your symbols for you, then you must bear the consequences of their interpretations and the subsequent action you take.  Of course, some people would prefer to have someone else to blame for the outcome of the situation.

The second approach, that of the Universal application, is adequate, but only as a guideline and not as the final authority.

The third and fourth approaches, your Personal Emotional Association (PEA) with a symbol (positive or negative), is the only true interpretation. An example of the Spiritual versus the PEA can be seen in the symbolic interpretation of a dog. Dogs are considered to be man's best friend. From this statement, you can surmise that dogs represent companionship. Yet, if you have ever been attacked by a dog, obviously companionship is not an appropriate interpretation for you. Rather, aggression or fear is the truer symbol since the dog symbolizes a force that might attack you again. So you see, the most important aspect of the symbol interpretation is your Personal Emotional Association (PEA) of it.

What is a PEA? It is the emotional association you attach to an object based on a personal experience. The mind does not record past experiences or emotions in words; it uses pictures and emotions. The picture that is recorded in you memory tapes may be of a person, place or thing, such as the attacking dog. Those items that are recorded are the ones that have left the greatest impression upon you; your impressions are based on emotional experiences. So, each and every emotional experience is associated with an object that was either involved in the experience, or was in some way connected enough for your mind to use it as a springboard for recall. The reason for the recall is because we are cyclic and patterned beings.

Remember, the Universe and everything that is within it flows in cyclic motion. Symbols are an integral part of Patterns and Cycles. They tell which Pattern is at work and where you are in the Cycle. That is why it is important to "read" symbols and seek out your Personal Emotional Association.

In dealing with all symbols, it is necessary to ask yourself the following types of questions:

"What does this mean to me?"
"Where/when in my past has this thing/person/event appeared before?"
"What was I involved in?" "With whom?"
"What was I doing?" "Why?"
"What am I involved in now, and how does it relate?"
"What is the pattern?"
"Where am I in the cycle?"

Always ask, "Why?" "Ask and it shall be given to you; seek, and ye shall find." (KJV Matt. 7:7).

We know that symbols are a form of guidance, a form of communication. Symbols are the language of the mind. Now, you must learn how to extract that guidance from the message, the communication intended to help you stay on track. How do you go about doing this? Until it becomes a matter of automatic thought, the first step is to write it down. This is very important, especially when it comes to dreams. In working with your dreams or daily experiences the first thing to do is write down the entire experience. Write down every bit of it that you can remember. Read through it and underline all the obvious/important symbols. Next, write down the individual symbols and begin the interpretation process. After that is finished, reconstruct the "message" according to the interpretations.

The following is an example of what we mean:

Step 1: I was driving in my car on the way to work when a dog jumped out in front of the car.

Step 2: I saw an aspect of myself driving/operating my expression car (type of car) expression type (solid, stable). On the way to work identifies time period. Work evokes communicating, dealing with people. Dog is companionship, of a temporary nature. Jumped denotes an uncontrolled move, unable to sustain for long in front. Ahead of me, the future car expression.

Step 3: In expressing myself while working with people today, there will be feelings of a need for companionship. This may cause me to make some kind of uncontrolled move relating to the future, thus it may affect my communications with others.

Now that you have gone through the dream, experience or vision, you are ready to work with the energies of the day. You now know what concepts and attitudes will be at work in your life, affecting your perception, understandings and your ability to evaluate correctly. Also, ask yourself what the emotional overtones of the dream are. Those will be the dominant emotions that you will be dealing with in communicating with others and in expressing yourself.

"Know what is in thy sight, and what is hidden from thee will be revealed to thee. For there is nothing hidden which will not manifest." (Gospel according to Thomas pg. 5 10-14).