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Symbology Of Disease

The body is the physical manifestation of the energies of both the Spirit and the Ego. It is the symbolic picture of your deepest inner (spiritual) and ego (man-made) thoughts in action. Let's look at the symbolic significance of specific diseases. Through this examination you will have an immediate picture of one purpose of your body. You will see how it is a working part of the communication system between you and GOD. This is all done to help you become one with GOD, the Creative Continuum.

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Cancer is, by its very nature and what it does to the human body, a disease of great symbolic implications. It implies that man, on many different levels, is consumed by a multitude of thoughts that are inherently imbalanced. Cancer, like all diseases, plays a major role in our lives as it helps us to understand what we, as people, as well as individuals, are involved in at any given moment. Every moment of our lives is flowing into the next moment in time. It is through this process that all change takes place. How things will change depends solely upon you. You are in control of your own destiny and health.

All diseases have had their "day in the sun." They have gone through the cycle of rising to prominence then falling into remission or "cure." This is easily seen in such diseases as polio, typhoid fever, tuberculosis, and leprosy, even though some of these diseases are making a comeback. It has to be that the appearance of a particular bacterial/virus strain, or a disease, can only be reflective, symbolically, of a level of thinking. Normally, when a disease manifests it starts in one area of the body and then expands to other areas of the body. The area that the disease starts in is symbolic of the predominate thoughts of the time. These thoughts can even stem from the situations going on around an individual. Even the country, and the political climate in which the people live, has a symbolic significance. In today's ever-changing world, where countries are changing names and geographical boundaries, their significance changes as well. The break up of the Russian Empire (U.S.S.R.) is a great example of change. It has broken up into separate factions. Where Russia once may have had the symbolic significance of aggression, confinement and loss of freedom, it is now emerging into a new entity that will have a new symbolic significance. So will each of the new republics that are being formed. Time will determine the meaning of each area. In fact some of the interpretation will go back to the historical presence of the country before it became a part of the Soviet Union. The United States symbolically stands for liberty, freedom, justice, independence, strength and unity. It is a land of opportunity and freedom. The same thing should be said of the human body because it is a reflection of the mind, which is also a thing of freedom and independence, and within it there should not be any rebellion, but there is. There is disharmony, dissatisfaction and, generally, anger.

One of the major ways the energy of disharmony manifests itself is through anger and resentment. On the physical level, this is one of the major causes of cancer. Another cause of cancer is guilt. Guilt is another energy that influences thoughts and feelings within the mind that literally eat you up alive. So, these three energies - anger, resentment and guilt - are closely related in their participation of the construction of cancer. The real significance of these energies and cancer, as a disease or condition, is how those three particular concepts operate in your life. All of the different energies that make up life operate in specific areas of your personal life and expression. For instance, the energy of enthusiasm, which may be the prominent energy, operates in one area of your life, such as in your work, while the energy of despair operates in another, maybe in relationships or finances. There are many energies at work all the time. They work in every area and level of your life. Learning to identify the energies that influence you begins to give you a degree of control over them. From that position you can begin to effect change that will lead to balance and harmony. This will manifest in every area of your life in the course of time. This change will be relevant to the depth of your understanding and the degree of control you exercise.

To assist you in learning to identify what it is that you need to understand and change, let's examine the different types of cancers and where they affect the body. Interestingly enough, there are over 150 different cancers. More than one form may be at work in a cancer condition. To better understand the true significance, you need to examine the body part affected. Before we begin the process of examination let's go back and review the definition of cancer from the symbolic perspective. In the first definition we are told that cancer is a term for a tumor or for forms of new tissue cells that lack a controlled growth pattern. Cancer cells usually invade and destroy normal tissue cells. A cancer tends to spread to other parts of the body by releasing cells into the lymph system or bloodstream. In this way cancer cells can be carried to a place in the body that may be far from the first tumor. The first site of cancer is sometimes called a primary cancer. The tumor that grows as a result of the cancer spreading is called a secondary cancer. A secondary cancer is often detected before the primary cancer can be found. Cancer has many different causes, including viruses, too much exposure to the sunlight or x-rays, cigarette smoking and chemicals in the environment. Another definition of cancer is based upon any of a large group of diseases in which malignant cells are present anywhere in the body. The most common sites for the growth of cancerous tumors are the lung, breast, colon, uterus, mouth and bone marrow. Many cancerous tumors or lesions are curable if found in their early stage. Looking at the general term for cancer, tumor or forms of new tissue cells that lack a controlled growth pattern, makes you wonder what that really means symbolically. If you stop and think about anger, resentment and frustration, and you allow those thoughts to permeate your mind, they create thought patterns. Once you lose control, these aberrant thought patterns have an uncontrolled growth pattern. Because they will begin to infiltrate every area of your life, they will begin to affect or corrupt your perception and alter the way you look at things. And once you begin to look at things from a different perspective, you begin to react from a different perspective. Emotionally, you may begin to lose control and have unregulated thought patterns. These thoughts can take you so far out of control there is no telling how they will end up and manifest within your body. Normally, when we think of a lack of control, we think of people ending up in anger producing situations. In most anger producing situations, there is retaliation. If you attack or offend someone, they in turn will ultimately attack and offend you. And if you internalize your anger, either way you end up being consumed by it. You end up with a cancerous situation.

The next part of the definition tells us that cancer cells usually invade and destroy normal tissue cells. Symbolically, it absolutely validates everything we just said because as you begin to lose control over your thoughts and your thinking process, you begin to scan around, visually looking for all the reasons why you should allow the anger, resentment or guilt to manifest in your life. So, in the areas where there is harmony, you look to find the disharmony. In the areas where there is acceptance, you look for the rejection. For the areas where there is completion, you look to find the in-completion. Where there is success, you seek out failure. In everything you do, you allow your uncontrolled thoughts, whatever they may be, to infiltrate everything that is already well established. The definition goes on to tell us that a cancer tends to spread to other parts of the body either through the lymph system or the bloodstream. Again, what would be more appropriate than if we look at the symbology of the lymphatic system? The lymphatic system is a system designed for cleansing. Once again we see that which we do not cleanse from our system kills us. If you maintain toxins within your body, whether they are actual physical toxins or thought toxins, ultimately they are going to kill you because they are going to infect, pollute, corrupt and destroy your body. Whether it is your physical body because of physical toxins, or your spiritual body because of man-made toxic thoughts. The material body is a direct reflection of our thoughts. This is in keeping with the teaching that whatever is within will manifest without. You are what you think and cancer is a direct result based on its own definition in the symbology thereof; it is a direct result of what you think and how you act.

Continuing with our definition here, if we look at cancer from the fact that it spreads through the bloodstream and we take a look at that from a symbolic perspective, we see that the bloodstream completely nourishes every part of the body. Therefore, it is easy to understand how cancer cells could spread everywhere. But the real symbology of the bloodstream is in the blood. The blood is symbolic of the spirit of the body. It goes back to something that Christ said at the Last Supper: the bread is symbolic of my body; the wine is symbolic of my blood. It is interesting to note that the first site of cancer is called a primary cancer yet the tumors that grow may be a secondary cancer. This secondary cancer site is often detected before the primary cancer can be found. So what you may be seeing in your life when you are reacting to something is only the superficial side of it or that which is most apparent, much like the secondary cancer site. What you may not really be seeing is the root cause that is stimulating your reaction. You may not be in touch with the real cause of your anger, resentment or frustration. You are not finding the primary concept, the primary source of antagonism or aggravation. The basic concept that makes you believe that you are guilty, unworthy, inadequate, or whatever the concept may be, is the primary cause and in all diseases there is a primary cause that sets the stage for disharmony and dis-ease. In order to bring about a cure, to arrest the condition, to stop it dead in its tracks from spreading, you must understand what supports, nourishes, and promotes it. All of those things that contribute to its uncontrolled growth, that uncontrolled rage, must be dealt with, identified, and most certainly must be controlled.

Of all the different causes of cancer, viruses are the most interesting. A virus is a life form that comes into our system and affects the body. What are life forms? From another point of view, life forms are symbolic of thoughts. Just as the chemicals are symbolic of thoughts, viruses come from a different origin, which I will explain shortly. A virus is a particular kind of a thought that is presented to you from an outside source. A thought that has power, that has a life of its own. If you allow someone else's thoughts to dominate your life, then it is easy to see where the anger and frustration is born or where the guilt begins to come in. If you listen to the words of people, and how people communicate with each other, it is quite easy to see, especially in a family setting, how guilt is used as a tool in order to control and dominate. You can see how constantly being put down and humiliated can create anger and frustration in the individual. Constantly being told that you are not bright enough, smart enough, pretty enough, or handsome enough to get the job done can produce incredible resentment and frustration. Is it any wonder that we are as sick as we are based on the things that we hear, based on the viruses that are implanted into our systems?

Another considered cause of cancer is over exposure to sunlight or x-rays. It certainly has been proven that x-rays, or radiation, is a cause of cancer. However, I do not buy the sunlight routine. I believe that is more man-made thinking and a way of keeping people in ill health. Here is why. Sunlight is essential to the metabolism of vitamin D. Vitamin D is a fat-soluble vitamin. It is known as the "sunshine" vitamin because the action of the sun's ultraviolet rays converts a form of cholesterol present in the skin into Vitamin D. Vitamin D aids the body in assimilating calcium. This is very important in arthritis because of the need to dissolve the "spurs" that create pain in the joints every time there is movement. Vitamin D aids in the absorption of calcium from the intestinal tract. It also helps with the breakdown and assimilation of phosphorus which is required for bone formation. Vitamin D helps synthesize those enzymes in the mucous membranes that are involved in the active transport of available calcium. It is obvious that this vitamin is particularly important for the normal growth of children. It also helps the body maintain a stable nervous system, normal heart action and normal blood clotting, functions which are related to the body's supply and use of calcium and phosphorus. Vitamin D is most effective when used in conjunction with Vitamin A.

Cigarette smoking is a very specific act that causes cancer. If you take a look a cigarette smoking, then you see it as an issue where people are trying to do something in order to obtain a particular end result. It really depends on the brand they smoke, because each brand paints a different picture. Each brand conjures up a different aspect of ego and a different aspect of personality and end result for which people strive. Basically, marketing of any product is done towards influencing the ego because marketers know that people are very insecure and totally lacking in self-acceptance. Therefore, advertisers play upon people's weaknesses, upon their perceived needs, which in truth do not exist. People are whole and complete because they are part of the creative force that is God. Nonetheless, we do not believe that, we do not accept that and, therefore, we have this emptiness within that we try to fill with external things: gold, money, silver, sex, drugs, wine, whiskey, cigarettes. It presents a picture to us. We can see that even there, the symbology runs true because it is our own frustrations in life that drive us to any of the "pleasures" that we seek to make us feel whole and complete. Smoking is one of them. It paints a picture and we want to be a part of that picture because we want to be happy, and we are angry and frustrated that we are not happy, content, fulfilled or successful. So, they are open to the energies that produce cancers in the body on different levels.

There is another Universal Teaching that says "Excess leads to rejection." This does not imply that you can smoke tobacco, but if you do it in moderation it will not harm you. Smoking has been shown to be detrimental to the lungs. What this teaching is referring to is, the more you do something to get someplace and you still cannot get there, the more you do it. The more you do it, the more imbalances you create. Let's go back and look at an aspect of the first definition of cancer. In that statement, chemicals are listed as a major contributing factor. Look at the chemicals in the environment. That, in itself, is a phenomenal topic because if we really stop to think about that, it makes us look at our life as human beings on every single level. What is the environment? The environment is comprised of essentially three things: water, air and land. I use those terms because, from another point of view, they are different states of matter.

Let us begin with air. In order for us to survive, we need to breathe air, oxygen. It is absolutely essential to our survival. Without it we are dead in our tracks. Air is symbolic of Spirit. We are told that God dwells in heaven. So we can see that air is symbolic of Spirit. From another point of view, without Spirit we are dead, we are empty shells. Without air, we are physically dead. So, what is the symbolic significance of the fact that our air is loaded with chemical toxins? What are chemicals? Let's deal with that first. Chemicals, in the sense we are going to use them, means substances that are made by man. These substances are either the direct result of a product being made, or the result of by-products produced in creating a product. Now, what are the kinds of products we create? We create everything for reasons. The reasons that we create these things is to ultimately make our lives better, but what does that really mean and what kind of better are we talking about? Do we mean emotionally better? On some levels, yes. We think if we have a bigger, better, brighter car our lives will be better. Truth? Not at all. Because the car is just a vehicle we use to get from one place to the next. The type of car you drive is purchased to satisfy a particular ego need, regardless of the sales presentations about engineering. The bottom line is this: you buy something that tells the rest of the world who you think you are and where you are financially. In that process we have created chemicals that are, in truth, toxins that pollute not only the air, but the water and the land. We, through our own needs, our own emptiness within, have created toxins as by-products that totally destroy every part of our lives. Spiritually, we have multiple religions in the world telling us how to live. Not all religions or the people who follow them live in accordance with true Universal Teachings. As a way of understanding and seeing the truth in that, look around you and see how much murder and mayhem is going on in the world. You see how many people, how many different religious factions, are fighting each other every single day anywhere on the planet (full of anger and hatred). You can see that there is no understanding. There is no love. There is no acceptance. There is nothing but greed and domination. These, too, produce by-products that create chemicals that create toxins in our system.

Water, like air, is essential for our existence. Water is symbolic of our material life. Without water, we would dehydrate, we would die of thirst. In viewing the symbology of air and water we can see that we are, in truth, both material and spiritual beings. We are two in one house. We are Spiritual beings and Ego personas, each with it's own set of Directives. In essence, we are a house divided. When understanding our Inner Self, and emotional control over our patterns of behavior is absent from our lives and we are living the man-made concepts, there is the potential for anger, resentment, guilt and frustration. These are the factors that cause cancer. What must be done is to look around in one's own life and identify those situations that produce anger. Then question why. Why the anger? Why do I get so upset about this or that? Why does this bother me so much? Look even further and ask yourself, what is it that causes frustration? What is it that I resent? Why do I feel guilty? What have I done wrong? Why do I feel the way I do? The asking and the seeking of answers has to be done within yourself. Within you are the answers. No one has an answer for anything that you are going through. No one outside of you has lived your life. They do not have the same concepts, expectations or memories that you possess. They do not have the awareness of your past experiences that you are going to draw on for guidance and resolution for your current situation. They will not have the insights of how you are "programmed" to respond to your particular stimulants. They have nothing more than man-made theories to offer in the way of guidance. Of course, there are those who do counsel from the Universal Teachings based on Universal Law, but they are rare and hard to find. Only you know what you have been through. Everything is cataloged in your memory. The only way to resolve all of the problems, to understand the angers, the resentments, the frustration, is to go within your Self and seek the answers.

Let's go on to the second definition of cancer in the Mosby Medical Encyclopedia. Cancer is defined as any of a large group of diseases in which malignant cells are present. Malignant has two definitions. One definition means to become worse and possibly cause death. The second definition describes a tumor that is cancerous, involving many organs and is spreading. No matter how you look at it, you are in deep trouble if you are dealing with malignant cells. From the symbolic perspective what you are really dealing with are malignant thoughts. Thoughts that will ultimately kill you if they are not brought into check. If they are not identified, understood and controlled they will spread. It appears from the medical research journals that the most common sights for the growth of cancerous tumors are the lung, breast, colon, uterus, mouth and bone marrow. Let's look at each one of these areas from a symbolic perspective. What are the lungs? The lungs are the organs with which you process air (spirit). Your lungs take the oxygen out of the air and draw it into the bloodstream. So, from another point of view, your lungs are symbolic of your own faith and courage in your Self. A "working faith" is the foundation for courage. These are but two basic elements of true Spiritual power. They are what serve you when you must act upon the truth of a situation. A working faith comes from the knowledge that you are a part of God. As such you would never be placed in a situation that you could not master. There are no situations that you cannot overcome. Our lives, because of the nature of the material plane, are loaded with misconceptions. These man-made ideas of how things should be were presented to us from birth. We absorbed them as gospel. We accepted them as truth and built our lives on them. We draw upon those beliefs whenever we are confronted with an event, situation or person. We respond according to the Directives. Problems arise when what you need to do is in conflict with what you think (believe) you can do. Often these two Directives are in conflict and physical disharmony results.

All diseases of the lungs revolve around a lack of faith, self doubt. Symbolically speaking, the lungs deal with faith in self because they deal with drawing in spirit. This is another situation where doubt and fear allow the anger, resentment and frustration to manifest. Since there is no faith in Self or in one's ability to deal with the forces of life and the situations that people find themselves in, they become frustrated. So it eats at them, it literally consumes them. Just as cancer does.

The breast is another area of the body where cancer seems to dominate for women. The breasts are one of the symbols of womanhood. The breasts reflect a woman's self-acceptance, and self-expression as a woman and mother. Breasts are also used in the sense of identifying whether or not a woman is attractive, how womanly she is, how motherly she can be. There are a lot of concepts tied into the breasts, especially those concepts that a female has to deal with such as self-expression. There are many women who are prone to cancer of the breast because they may feel guilty about the role that they are living. Or they may be angry about their life situation. Maybe their situation is one of subservience. Maybe they are frustrated because they have no freedom to speak, no freedom to express themselves. Maybe they feel that they were supposed to have been a boy child and here they are a girl child. So there are a lot of areas that require questioning when there is cancer in this area, but all of it would revert back to self-expression, or how one expresses oneself as a female in the material plane. Again, one needs to look at the concepts with which one works.

The next common site for cancer is the colon, which is really the bottom line for everyone on more levels than one. The colon is an integral part of the elimination/cleansing process. The body must constantly cleanse and eliminate harmful wastes. These wastes will become toxic to the body if they are not properly removed quickly. In order to advance emotionally, spiritually and materially in life, one must cleanse and eliminate toxic thoughts. As with any internal material, if you hold on to that which no longer serves you, no longer works for you, you will ultimately compromise and destroy yourself through auto-intoxication. This is what is happening in the colon. Most people are trained to have one, maybe two bowel movements a day. It comes from our potty training days. And because of the kind of jobs that we have, we do not have the freedom to evacuate our bowels as frequently as needed. So we suppress the urge and hold on to that fecal matter for release when it is more convenient. What is happening from a physiological point of view is that the body is re-absorbing toxins from that matter as it sits in the colon waiting to be evacuated. It is no wonder there is cancer in the colon because of all of the additives, colorants, preservatives and other chemicals in our diet. Wastes that are not eliminated become toxic and poisonous to the body. Thoughts that are not in keeping with Divine Truth but are maintained as a way of living life are also wastes. These wastes must also be eliminated or they, too, will become toxic to the Self. In both instances the toxins will destroy the person on every level. Again, if we go back and look at all of this symbolically, we know that our "thought" diet is poisonous to us because it is a diet of falsehoods. It is a diet lacking true Universal Teachings based on Divine Truth. Truth that is applicable to everyone, because everyone is a part of God. So, what is happening is that because we do not eliminate the man-made concepts and misconceptions from our belief system, they are at work all the time. In this way they are polluting our true Inner Self. They are killing us.

The next site where cancer is noted is the uterus. The uterus relates to female expression. The uterus is where children are nurtured before they are brought into the world. This is where thoughts are nurtured before they are expressed. So if a woman has cancer of the uterus, there is a tremendous amount of anger, frustration, resentment or guilt present in her ability to create. Either she feels denied, or is suppressed or rejected because of it. This would also be applicable to breast cancer. There could be elements of rejection at work there, also. Not to mention elements of fear. You have to understand that every single source, every single energy that creates a reaction in one area has a reaction in other areas as well. Rejection can bring about anger, guilt or resentment. Once the feelings of rejection are experienced there can be an overcompensation to avoid the rejection. That, in turn, sends out an energy of obligation to someone else, who in turn reacts from an anger or a resentment point of view and sends the anger back. So, you have a vicious cycle between any two human beings who are working at things from patternistic reaction points. Patterns flow in very specific cyclic fashion, and every action has a reaction. So, cancer of the uterus deals with another aspect of self-expression, an aspect of creativity. Again, you have the possibility of a woman feeling guilty about being a woman and guilty about bringing forth personal expression (life) into the world. Lots of possibilities, lots of areas to question and look at and examine. You have to understand that each area of the body that is affected by the cancer needs to be more specifically understood. Your perceptions should be fine-tuned in order to get back to the Root Cause, the primary concept and physical site.

Another area that seems to be a common place for cancer to develop is in the mouth. This is really interesting because your mouth is what you use to express yourself. It is through your mouth that a major part of your communication is done. Additionally, your mouth is how you feed yourself. It is with your mouth that you partake of the world, you bring in food and liquids. These are your sustenance. You provide for yourself, from one point of view, through your mouth. When there is cancer in the mouth, there is a tremendous amount of guilt and frustration in one's ability to express oneself. There could be anger and resentment about what one is forced to consume through the mouth. Essentially, the individual is dealing with a forced or imposed consumption as well as difficulty in expression. It is interesting to note how many people have difficulty truly expressing themselves, whether they are male or female. The amount of doubt and fear that permeates our society today is staggering. That same fear and doubt permeates religious teachings of the day. Teachings that should be giving us faith and hope, do nothing to give us courage and confidence in dealing with the day-to-day issues of living. Of course, it is taught that you are unable to effectively deal with your life alone and, therefore, you need an outside force greater than yourself to help you cope. If anything, man-made religions instill guilt, doubt and fear. In truth, when an individual is in understanding of the concepts and forces affecting their life, and they exercise control over their emotional reactions, then they are in harmony, within and without. This harmony would be reflected by excellent health. This is in keeping with the Universal Teaching "what is within, will manifest without." There is no other way. Whatever your life is about, it is a reflection of what you are going through internally on both conscious and subconscious levels.   Learn more



Diabetes is a disease that affects how the body deals with sugar. Sugar in this context refers to glucose. Glucose is a simple sugar found in certain foods, especially fruits, and is a major source of energy in both animals and humans. Glucose, when eaten or produced through the process of digestion of carbohydrates, enters into the bloodstream from the intestines. The excess glucose that is not immediately used as fuel for the body is converted into glycogen, which is usually stored in the muscles and liver. When the body requires additional fuel it converts glycogen back into glucose.

It is here in the conversion process that problems arise, and diabetes is able to manifest. Immediately there are two insights as to the cause of diabetes on an emotional level. The first deals with the concept of sugar itself, the second deals with the inability to convert thought into action. In other words, it relates to having the power or fuel (glucose) but not the ability to use (metabolize) it properly. Sugar, by common understanding, is a substance that is sweet, and is also a substance that can make other things taste sweet. Questions arise here about what the person dealing with diabetes thinks is sweet, and why he or she cannot deal with it. Sugar, particularly processed sugar, is an empty food; by that I mean it has no nutritional value, and does nothing good for the body. In truth, sugar is totally unnecessary and may actually be more detrimental than is realized. For instance, if food is foul, rotten, spoiled, or vile tasting, it can be doctored with sugar to make it taste good. In that disguise, it bypasses the taste buds and enters into the system. This very technique, in fact, is used to sneak medicine into children. It may also be a way that the major food peddlers pawn off less than healthy food onto American consumers.

Sugar is symbolic of the desire to have and enjoy the sweets of life, while each person has very personal sweets, there are certain ones that everyone shares. For example, everybody wants to have a great job and make lots of money.  In the material world, money has been portrayed as the key to happiness. So everyone pursues money for the purpose of being happy, content, and fulfilled. Yet, when you look at all the people who have money and who still appear unhappy, what does that say? For many of these individuals, the solution they seek is to acquire even more money and things. Money is used to buy the sweets in life: gold, diamonds, bigger homes, fancier cars, and expensive designer clothing. Unfulfilled, some people use their money to purchase sex, drugs, and other diversions that they hope will help them to feel good about themselves.

Sugar, much like the money-bartered sweets that it reflects, is an empty substance that cannot truly satisfy any hunger on any level in a nourishing way. I use the term “nourishing” because when anything does not contribute to your growth and welfare, be it a situation, person or substance, then by that virtue alone it works against you. This is recalled in Matthew 12:30, the Universal Teaching: He that is not with me is against me.” Much like the sugar that a diabetic craves, money and the sweet things it can buy cannot fill the craving within. The second problem with this condition is the inability to convert stored or circulating glucose into action. Action creates the need for more fuel, so as you burn it your body must convert glucose, and even glycogen, into fuel. It is the same with your thoughts, and there are many reasons why a person would have trouble converting thoughts into actions: feelings of unworthiness, a lack of ability, or fear might block these actions.

Thoughts are precursors to action, and every thought you have requires an action on one level or another. If you have the thought that you are hungry, then you may go to the kitchen to satisfy that thought, but once there and having eaten something, you may still be hungry for the feeling of being satiated. This requires yet another action because the feeling of being satiated is still not accomplished, so you eat more to reach that point of being fulfilled or satisfied. Now you have all this food/energy stored; some call that stored energy fat; and you continue to eat, storing more because the right action that would lead to fulfillment and being satiated has not yet been experienced because you have not yet found the proper food that will nourish you.

Obviously the food that will nourish you is not outside of you but is within your own mind and it is your mind that directs your life. Guided and motivated by your ego, your mind is always seeking to fulfill self-expectations. If you believe, as many diabetics do subconsciously, that you are unworthy of having the sweets of life, then you will not be able to properly metabolize glucose, or sugar, in your body. Hence, diabetes may occur. Going back to diabetes insipidus, we note that this form of the disorder is marked by extreme thirst and heavy urination. It is fascinating to realize that water, the object of thirst, is symbolic of life in the material plane. This is in keeping with the understanding that air is symbolic of the spiritual plane, and without water or air (oxygen), life would cease. Another aspect of this is the understanding that humanity is a spiritual entity within a material vehicle. I use the term vehicle because the body serves the same purpose as a car: you use it to go from place to place, and it carries your consciousness around within the material plane.

Without air, you will die, and without water, you will die. The secret is in finding balance. An extreme thirst indicates that the individual has not found the truth that will quench their thirst for the self-acceptance that leads to fulfillment, and the heavy urination symbolizes the need of both body and mind to cleanse themselves of those toxins that can destroy them. With diabetes, there are high levels of acid in the blood. This symbolizes the mind's efforts to eliminate those concepts that are eating at the person with poisonous, acidic thoughts about how life should be. I say "acidic" here in the sense that these thoughts that are based on man-made teachings are empty and hollow, just like the sugar that causes diabetes.

In diabetes, the heavy urination problem stems from a deficiency of a hormone that regulates the amount of urine made by the body. This transaction, as well as all other hormonal or enzymatic exchange within the body, is the result of thought. Every transaction in the body results from a stimulus, and the brain is a part of each of these actions. The brain receives its directives from the mind, which tells it what functions must be carried out and when, but the body also is a vehicle with its own Divine Intelligence. It seeks to care for itself by carrying out certain transactions without the appearance of conscious thought; however, the mind has controlling influence over the brain and, consequently, over the body. If there is a need for diabetes to manifest as a way to help the individual soul to understand some of the concepts that it must work out and bring into harmony, then the mind will tell the brain to slow down the production of a particular hormone, for example, insulin because the mind is the controlling factor in all matters of life and health.

Another cause of diabetes insipidus is the kidneys' failure to respond to the hormone that regulates urine production. The kidneys remove the wastes that are in liquid form from your bloodstream, and if this system failed, your body would be poisoned to death. The kidneys act to balance the blood's liquid content, they balance the water levels in the body as well as the acidity and alkalinity of the blood. Kidney problems can also mean an imbalance in your life, and you may need to consider physical and spiritual cleansing.

Spiritual cleansing is the process of eliminating man-made ideas, values, and standards that are based on misconceptions and wrongful interpretations of the truth. Man is always striving to enslave his fellow man by creating artificial roles or circumstances that appear to give more power to some and less to others. For example, roles of the sexes make one more dominant, or having more money makes some more powerful than others. In truth, from the perspective of the Universal Teachings, everyone is equal.

Kidney disorders are indicative of a spiritual cleansing problem. When the kidneys malfunction, the place to look is in the inability to cleanse the misconceptions of truth from the belief system. The mind is holding on to some concept or idea about material life, and this means you are maintaining potentially lethal concepts and ideas in your body and in your life. With the other type of diabetes, diabetes mellitus, the main cause is the failure of the pancreas to release enough insulin into the body. The pancreas works in conjunction with the liver to convert stored sugars into usable sugar for fuel and energy, and also produces enzymes for digestion. The pancreas is symbolic of your ability to take certain thoughts and ideas and make them work; it can provide you with the fuel (courage and strength) to carry on. The pancreas releases insulin when it detects sugar in the blood stream and the more sugar, the more insulin required. Based on this awareness, insulin is symbolic of the extra effort, coupled with courage and confidence, an individual must have and use to take a thought through the controlled process required to convert it into physical action.

Insulin also acts as an agent to regulate metabolism. This validates the symbolic interpretation that insulin is tied into courage and confidence, and it is with these two attributes in hand that the speed, or metabolism, of moving through a project or the digestive process, is determined because the more courage and confidence a person has, the easier it is for them to move through most endeavors.

It is also believed that diabetes mellitus may be a defect in the parts of cells that accept the insulin. Here again, we have a situation in which thoughts are influencing the cells in order to achieve a certain condition within the body, and this holds true for both good and bad health. In this case the cells are being prevented from accepting thoughts that will help them convert thought energy into action energy.

It is documented that this disease tends to run in families, but this is true only from the perspective that children are taught by example about how to live and eat. In other words, genetics can load the gun but lifestyle pulls the trigger. Some of the foods comprising staple diets are rooted in cultural tradition, so that the individual’s lifestyle is a reflection of that culture. Here is found the tendency for diseases to run in families. This was understood in the past, as written in Luke 6:44, and is reflected upon in the Universal Teaching, “every tree is known by his own fruit.” When the pancreas does not produce enough insulin, the symptoms of diabetes mellitus emerge, including weight loss, fatigue, and lethargy. Looking at the symbology of insulin it is easier to understand how weight loss, lethargy, and fatigue evolve. Keep in mind that fatigue and lethargy are viewed as two separate energies.

Weight loss is symbolically tied into the opposite of confidence, doubt. Doubt does many different things to an individual, but in this case it is working to prove to the person that they do not have the strength (muscles and weight) to carry on and move forward from where they are. The fatigue goes hand in hand with this perspective. Symbolically, fatigue is more often than not borne out of doubt in your ability to deal with the upcoming, or even daily, situations. Lethargy, on the other hand, is symbolic of a lack of inspiration. Here the individual has no motivation, and there is nothing on the horizon that can be seen to inspire forward movement. Fatigue may incorporate seeing what is ahead, but when the doubt kicks in forward movement stops. Medically, diabetes mellitus is broken down into four main types. From a numerology standpoint, the level of diabetes should also provide great insights as to the concepts involved. The symbolic meaning of 4 is advancement. Another way to look at the number 4 is in the components 3 and 1, or 2 and 2, which make 4. Looking quickly at the other numbers involved: 3 equals understanding; 1 equals unity, and 2 represents balance and harmony. If there is balance and harmony between the male and female, and the spiritual and material, then it could be said that you are in true unity within your self, and in unity there is understanding, and understanding and unity lead to advancement on all levels.

Each aspect of the four types of diabetes is reflective of the level of doubt and fear at work. For instance, in Type I diabetes, also called insulin dependent diabetes, the person is symbolically dependent upon an external source for motivation, inspiration, courage, and confidence, and without this external source, death will occur.

Type II, non-insulin dependent diabetes, most often develops in overweight adults because of the weight aspect, this type of diabetes has more than one symbolic interpretation. There are many different reasons for being overweight, so for the purpose of staying on track with the metabolism perspective, let us say overweight people also have the same trouble as diabetics. They cannot act at certain levels of thought, and usually these are thoughts that would enhance the person’s situation. Do not overlook the reality that many people who are overweight are also rich, with their wealth acquired through all manner of circumstance.

Regardless of the reasons a person is in that situation, the basic cause remains the same: it is one’s inability to convert certain thoughts into specific actions. Although let us not forget that persons with Type II diabetes do have the ability to acquire material things, so there is enough courage and confidence to go after goals, but not necessarily the ability to utilize the courage and confidence to attain those goals. While Type II diabetics are not totally dependent upon an external source, they usually need a drug to control the disease.

Type III, or gestational, diabetes occurs in some women during pregnancy. This happens because some women believe that they are not capable of being a mother, that they are too young for the role, or they do not have the strength to care for a child. However, as time goes on after the delivery, the mother gains more courage and confidence in her abilities to care for the child. At this point the diabetes disappears, but it seems to set the stage for Type II diabetes to occur later in life.

The changes people go through after their children move out merit mention here because “empty-nesters” are again faced with dealing with the future. There are no longer children to take up the time, so these parents must again, or for the first time, express themselves as individuals. The transition is difficult for some, and many diseases are created at this juncture. Type IV diabetes includes the other types of diabetes linked to disease of the pancreas. As mentioned previously, the pancreas is symbolic of your ability to take certain thoughts and ideas and make them work. They can provide you with the fuel (courage and strength) to carry on. Once again, it is obvious that courage is a vital ingredient to the mastery of life and health. Health is a symbolic reflection of the state of consciousness the individual is experiencing at any given time.

Type IV diabetes is sometimes linked to hormonal changes and even the side effects of some drugs. Here again you can see how thoughts, influencing hormones, can have far reaching effects. Each hormone within the body plays a specific role in the overall health of the person, so each hormone can be influenced by the particular thoughts that relate to the function that it has.

The fact that drugs can cause diabetes and other poor health conditions is symbolic of the imbalance in life when one relies on man-made approaches to handling a situation. Instead of following a natural approach to living and health, industrial society chooses to follow a path that leads to disharmony, and this dis-harmony is reflected in our dis-eases. Another factor that can cause Type IV diabetes is genetic defects. In this scenario, the body is corrupted from the beginning. Some would then say that the emotional causes that drive food and sweets consumption are not valid in this instance. Although that statement seems true, the fact is the soul has chosen to occupy that particular body to work out those concepts that relate to that particular disease. Herein lays the whole question of hereditary diseases.

We have examined symbolically all the symptoms in diabetes mellitus except increased appetite, which is in keeping with the need to continually consume the sweets of life, even though there is no way to utilize it. This is one of the circumstances that leads to hoarding behavior. Hoarders think that what they have is not enough to deal with life, so they constantly require more. The greater the doubt, the more is required to fill the hole in the confidence.

There are different types of physical complications associated with diabetes, for instance, diabetic amaurosis, the blindness linked to diabetes.

Blindness is very interesting symbolically, it deals with a fear of looking into the future or of looking at self. In either direction, the fear is such that it shuts down the outside world as much as possible. Deafness, although it is not a direct consequence of diabetes, is another attempt to disconnect from the external sounds (voices) coming in, and close off unwanted input. Cataracts are a vision problem that seems common in people with either Type I or Type II diabetes, and this is yet another form of shutting out the picture of reality. Poor circulation in the feet and legs is another common affliction among those with diabetes. Think a moment about the purpose of the feet: you choose a direction or goal, and the mind directs the feet to take you there. Difficulties here signal doubt at work with regard to your direction in life.   
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High Blood Pressure

Symbolically, hypertension provides us with a great deal of insight and knowledge. It shows, from the physical perspective alone, that the individual is lacking faith in self on some level, that there is a belief that what they are confronting is more than they can handle, and that there is a lack of faith, confidence or courage. The truth is you do possess all of the abilities to deal with any situations that confront you.

When you think about what causes hypertension you can see the validity of the symbolic perspective. Hypertension has three fundamental causes as we discussed earlier. The first that we will examine is the imbalance in the osmosis in the body, meaning that there is too much fluid being retained in the system. The way to maintain proper fluid balance is by keeping the potassium/sodium relationship in harmony.

When you look at the symbology of both potassium and sodium you can begin to see how those two must maintain a particular balance within the self in order to maintain the courage and confidence necessary to go out into the world and deal with life and the issues and forces an individual is confronted with. Another causative factor in hypertension is stress, which refers to emotional stress and corresponding muscular tension. These are really a reaction to what is seen and heard, and how the individual responds to those stimuli. All of that is tied into the concepts within the subconscious mind. This is reflected in the belief system that an individual maintains about how life is supposed to be lived, how they are supposed to deal with things, and how they should and should not act in regards to certain stimuli, events and situations. By making judgments (man does even though he is religiously taught or instructed not to) a person will end up getting upset about what they may see and/or hear. This can make a person angry or tense, and that reaction creates pressure on their cardiovascular system which, in turn, can set the body up for hypertension.

Along those same lines, hypertension can lead to strokes and heart attacks. When that is examined it can be seen that the energy of anger can get somebody so worked up and out of emotional control that they really can “blow their lid.” It can easily be seen where a stroke or heart attack would occur.

Heart attacks are the result of accumulated emotional responses and attacks. Again, these emotional responses are based on the value judgments, subconscious concepts, and patternistic expectations of the individual. After a period of time the person can no longer handle the attacks, regardless of how subtle they may be. People respond to everything that they see and hear, especially when it is directed towards them.

The individual that is hypertensive is working with the belief system that instills doubt and fear that they cannot handle the situation that they find themselves in. These individuals require understanding and when we look at the nutrients that are involved in helping the body to eliminate hypertension it gives us a greater clarity as to what concepts and the emotional stances within the individual need bolstering.
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Immune Disease

The symbology of the immune system is really very simple; it is designed to protect the ego and the self from negative attacks, which are presented, inferred, and demonstrated on a daily basis. It is also designed to protect one from the sarcastic and cutting remarks, as well as those said in jest, which often times have a put-down effect.

When examining the immune system, it can be seen as a conglomeration of different energies at work, for example, when looking at the components such as T-cells, T-helper cells, killer cells, phagocytes and white blood cells (to mention a few), it indicates that a high degree of awareness is necessary to protect the self. By converting the different components into symbolic terms we can then see that it indicates that there are many different ways in which the self seeks to protect itself from attack. The attack can originate outside of the person or from concepts within that generate forces that must be dealt with and nullified.

Internal concepts that you operate with can seek to hinder the self from growing into the living light that it can be. Each aspect of the immune system serves different functions, and overall it works to protect the self. It is the same with our consciousness in the sense that there are suggestions, attitudes and verbal aggressions that are projected onto us and toward us from others. These come in many forms and yet the end result is the same. These attacks are designed to hinder, limit, debilitate, put down, insult and embarrass. All of these are attacks that are designed to undermine the individual.

To be healthy on all levels, which will manifest as good health externally, you must have awareness about yourself at all times, and this can be accomplished in different ways. One absolutely necessary aspect is to develop the skill of listening to others. This is done in order to identify when a negative thought or concept is being presented.

By seeking to understand the concept that has been presented and heard, not that the put down has been experienced, but how it will affect the individual in terms of responding. There will be a response because there is always a response. It may be at that moment and it may be that the response will take place later, against somebody else, or in another arena altogether. The scenario could be where an individual gets upset at their computer, at the mouse, and picks it up and throws it against the wall and breaks something. Obviously there is anger and frustration in that transaction. Where did it come from? Often reactions are something that may have been brewing from a previous encounter, or it could have been a different situation altogether, or a person that may have said something.

By having a healthy immune system, symbolically, your awareness is about you at all times. By being in such an alert and conscious state of mind a person will be able to sense, auditorially and/or vibratorially, how it is that someone is communicating with them or seeking to attack them in subtle ways. It is the subtle attacks that are the hardest to see and defend against, and this is especially true when a person faces life unaware of the reality of how it works. Often when a person is under attack and they subconsciously allow the attack to have an effect on them, it is fundamentally because they are in doubt about a situation. From a different point of view, all of us experience doubt and fear in one arena or another within our lives. There are some transactions, events, people, situations, and feelings that literally trigger doubt and fear within an individual, this, in turn, gets past the immune system, so to speak, the defenses, and can be debilitating.

One of the best things that someone can do for their immune system on an energetic level is to really work at maintaining awareness. Listening to what other people say and seeking to understand self is one of the primary keys to mastery in life and control over the emotions. In as much as the immune system protects an individual from attack from others, the defenses that are used to protect self from others can also symbolically suppress the true Inner Self. When the immune system falters and the individual becomes sick, whatever is affected in the body is a symbolic indication of where the conflict resides. It goes back to what we said earlier about how sometimes the attacks are from within. It is because of an individual’s doubt within self and their abilities to handle a particular situation that they will end up creating stress within their life and that will lower the immune system. This then provides an opportunity for an invasion to take hold and root.

The truth is that a condition, disease or accident is, in reality, doubt manifesting very strongly. This is usually in regards to a particular upcoming event or situation that the individual is about to confront or is seeking to avoid.   
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