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The Inner Spirit/Self

The true essence of a human being; is always seeking to bring harmony and peace into every transaction and relationship it is involved with. That part of Self that is connected to the God Force.

The Conscious Self

That part of the Ego Self that is cognitive, aware of what is going on around it. This does not take into consideration all the subtleties that another aspect of the mind is picking up and reacting to. The Conscious Self only refers to the conscious thoughts and decisions.

The Ego Self

This is the aspect that you show to the world. It is the person that deals with everything that happens in an automatic response mode based on specific patterns of behavior. The Inner Spirit/Self would respond to the same events in a totally different way because it is not trying to prove or verify any position. The Inner Spirit/Self is always seeking balance. The Ego Self however, is trying to fulfill subconscious expectations of itself. These expectations are deeply programmed and embedded in the subconscious mind.