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Symbology Of The Body

The body is the physical manifestation of the energies of both the Spirit and the Ego. It is the symbolic picture of your deepest inner (spiritual) and ego (man-made) thoughts in action. Let's look at the symbolic significance of the individual aspects of the body. Through this examination you will have an immediate picture of one purpose of your body. You will see how it is a working part of the communication system between you and GOD. This is all done to help you become one with GOD, the Creative Continuum.

The links to the left will guide you to the information on this page concerning individual parts of the body and their respective symbology.


Spiritual Plane

The head is considered symbolic of the Spiritual Plane because all of your thinking is done there. It is the realm of thought and creativity. It is the dwelling place of the Mind, which is the Self, both Inner and Outer. Headaches are symbolic of doubt at work. They represent doubt in your ability to deal with something. Look around and see what is going on that is causing you to doubt. A very important consideration to keep in mind is that the opposite of doubt is confidence. In every situation you will exude one of these two energies: doubt or confidence.   Learn more




In the Bible, we have the lesson of Samson. While Samson had his long hair, he had great strength. But when it was cut short, he lost his strength. Hair is a symbol of strength, and the image that hair provides plays a major part in our acceptance factor. Some people will not readily accept someone who is bald, or has hair that goes down their back, especially if they are a male. Hair is an integral part of how people see you, as well as how you see yourself.

How do you see yourself? What condition is your hair in? Is it dry or does it lack luster? That could mean there is a feeling of a weak self image, no strength or no life. Is it oily? Maybe you are heavily burdened or overly concerned with your image. Do you have dandruff? Perhaps there is a block in cleansing from within; a holding on to old ideas in the Self of image and strength. Are you bald? This is a sign of a weak self-image at work, a feeling of no inner strength, no masculinity.

You must keep in mind that when we interpret a symbol, we are giving you the Universal perception of it. It should be understood that if a symbol relates to you, at this point in time, it is because of your current Belief System. You were taught manmade Concepts of how your life should be. Those Concepts nurtured conditions within your body to create different situations, such as baldness. You were not taught or shown the truths of life based on the Universal Teachings, which in themselves are the applications and understandings of the Laws of GOD. So, if you are bald, it does not mean that you are really weak, it means that you THINK you are weak.   
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It is through your eyes that you view the world, your immediate situation, your family, friends and yourself. "For those who have eyes to see ..." is a Universal Teaching that explains that clear vision is the goal of true perception. Clear vision simply means to see yourself and others free of the emotional overtones of your concepts. How do you see yourself? How do you see your future? What is the Concept of yourself that you use to view the world? You must ask yourself about the beam in your eye that you must remove in order to see the speck in your brother's eye clearly, honestly and unshaded by your Belief System. Jesus discussed this Universal Teaching in the King James Version of Matthew 7:3.

Whenever you get something in your eye, you need to ask yourself these questions:

What is affecting my perception and distorting my ability to see clearly?
What is it that I don't want to look at?
What is the concept that affects my vision?
Why am I nearsighted?
Why am I farsighted?
Why do I have astigmatism?   
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Spiritual Intake

Through your nose, you draw into the body the "breath of life". Your nose is another part of your defense system. It can tell you when something is offensive, unhealthy and when something should be avoided literally and figuratively. Since everything is a symbolic reflection of thought, detrimental thoughts often pass through this defense mechanism. This happens because of the use of "artificial aromas", which are really manmade. Television is excellent at portraying misconceptions, in the guise of shows and commercials, as true and wonderful things to partake of. A great example is the advertising for certain restaurants. They portray the belief that if you eat their food, you will be happy, you will have a happy family life, or you will be successful. All the while, the fat content and salt in the products work against your health. In this way, television can circumvent the body's natural defense mechanism.

Some questions you might want to ask yourself are:

"How often do I get a stuffy nose and when?"
"What is going on in my life?"
"What ideas or Concepts are blocking my ability to receive spiritual sustenance?"   
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Communication & Material Consumption

You use your mouth to voice your positions and thoughts about particular things or situations, either by making statements or through expressing your emotions. Digestion begins in the mouth with the production of enzymes in the saliva glands. It is here that you begin to break down your food, which is symbolic of your material thoughts. Generally speaking, problems within the mouth indicate a difficulty in expressing yourself, or an inability to digest something that is going on in your life.

Obviously, there are other considerations and interpretations. For example, if you are missing teeth then image comes into play. If you have a hair-lip then communication and image are more closely tied together. If you cannot produce saliva you are dealing with yet another aspect of the inability to digest new thoughts.

All of these things need to be examined thoroughly to achieve a clear understanding. Your teeth are used to break down your food. Symbolically, they grind your thoughts into an acceptable form. If they are missing or weakened by decay or gum disease, that is symbolic of the way in which you have been taught to deal with external thoughts. You can either "chew" the thoughts up properly and gain their full insights, or you can chew them halfway, swallow the food and cause indigestion and poor utilization of your thoughts.    
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The tongue, with its taste buds, is another one of your defense mechanisms. It is also a part of your communication system. In terms of defenses, it is used to alert you to that which is harmful. However, if the food (thoughts) has been treated in order to mask the real taste or to convince you of a good taste, then that system has been bypassed. The overabundance of sugar and salt in foods are there to try to convince you that they taste good. This is very symbolic of how man tries to distort the truth of something by "sugar coating" it.    Learn more



Ears are our antennae. They pick up thoughts, vibrations and sounds. Some of these you will use to fulfill your expectations of yourself. They also allow you to hear what you want to hear in relation to other people, places and situations. They are part of the guidance system that allows you to hear the truth from within as well as from without.

Oftentimes, you are in situations where other people are speaking about you or to you and this affords you an opportunity to hear another side of your own story. From another perspective you draw people to you, as well as drawing out of them the things they say. You draw it out of them so that you can fulfill certain expectations about yourself. There is never a "thing" done that you do not have a direct influence upon in terms of its creation. There are no accidents, happenings, fate, or circumstances.

When there are problems with the ears, you should ask yourself:

What is it that I don't want to hear?
Who is it that I don't want to listen to?
Why is this an issue in my life?   
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Your face is a reflection of how you see yourself and how you expect others to see you. Oftentimes, a teenager develops acne at the point in time when they are establishing their own identity. This is a very difficult time for them, one filled with doubt and uncertainty. Whenever you have these energies at work in your life, you set up conditions to cause problems. These problems can take on many different forms. Acne is only one. Acne is the result of the doubt within you and the image that you project to the world.   Learn more



Balance & Communication

Within the neck lies the voice box for communication. In addition, it houses the thyroid gland (see the section on Glands for its function). The larynx, or voice box, is our main aspect of communication with others. Through the expression of your thoughts, insights and understandings you are able to maintain, or disrupt, balance and harmony within your life. Of course, this is based on the understanding that you are aware of who and what you are about. Through this level of understanding, you are able to communicate with others in a non-threatening manner.

Your thyroid helps regulate the metabolism of your body. It keeps everything running smoothly. Once again, we see how the neck relates to balance. Balance within as well as without.

Your neck supports your head. It connects the head, which is symbolic of the spiritual plane, to the body, which is symbolic of the material plane. Therefore, it represents the need for balance between the two. A "pain in the neck" usually refers to an individual or situation that upsets your equilibrium.    
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Material Plane

Your torso, or body as it is commonly referred to, is the realm of material absorption and utilization. It is here that all food and drink is digested and converted into fuel. This is also the area of all the supporting systems. In the body, all of your thoughts (food stuff) and the thoughts of others are digested and assimilated. Each and every system, organ and gland participates in this process. This participation ranges from the actions that the thoughts create to the reactions you will take to handle the situation. To help you gain a better understanding of the completeness and thoroughness of the symbology of the torso, we will examine the individual systems.    Learn more


Respiratory System

Utilization Of The Spirit

The entire respiratory system feeds your body with life- giving energies, and eliminates used and potentially harmful gaseous matter. The respiratory system feeds the blood with fresh live food, oxygen and all of the "hidden" foods that are a part of the air. Jesus once told his disciples, "I have meat to eat that ye know not of" (KJV John 4:32). The implication in this Teaching is that everything the body needs to exist can be found within the air, which is symbolic of the Spirit.    Learn more



Spiritual Assimilation & Cleansing

It is through the action of your lungs that you receive the breath of life. You inhale that which will nourish and sustain you. You exhale that which is used and is no longer beneficial, that which would cause harm, damage and possibly death if it were kept within the body. The same can be said for misconceptions of truth, or manmade Concepts. When you continue to rely upon these and do not exhale them or purge them from your system through understanding their source, they can result in accidents, sickness, disease, allergies and sometimes death.

Your lungs do not always nourish your body. Most of us are exposed to polluted air daily. It works on our bodies 24 hours a day. Polluted air is symbolic of the distorted spiritual thoughts that man follows. That which is harmful, which you are forced to partake of, is manmade.

When you have congestion, regardless of the source, it is symbolic of an attack on your faith in your Self in dealing with a particular situation, one that requires confidence in Self at a spiritual level.   
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Circulatory System

Utilization Of Spiritual Thoughts

The circulatory system flows through every part of the body. Every cell is nourished by the blood that flows through the circulatory system. The blood also removes waste material from the cells. In this way, the body is kept clean. This process prevents bacteria from maintaining a foothold in the body. This in turn prevents dis-eases.

Blood is symbolic of the spiritual life that exists within all living things. That is why, in the Bible, you are told to remove the blood before you eat any animal. "Only ye shall not eat the blood ..." (KJV Deuteronomy 12:16). The blood gathers nutrients, which are symbolic of thoughts, from your lungs and intestines, and carries these nutrients to all the parts of the body. Your thoughts (food), in the form of vegetables, fruit, fowl, meat or junk food, can nourish, cleanse, heal, or they can clog and destroy you. A clogged and sluggish system often results when you retain those thoughts, ideas and concepts that are debilitating. They "choke" off the spiritual life from reaching all parts of the body. When that begins to take place, it is only a matter of time before the body is choked to death.    
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Emotions - The Forces Upon The Plane

You know that the heart is an essential organ for life. Without a heart, you could not live; just as without love, you are spiritually dead. The heart, in addition to its physical attributes and functions, is considered the love center, the emotional center of your body. Your emotions are difficult to control because the force they exert is so subtle that it is overlooked as an energy that can cause damage to the body. Nonetheless, this energy force flows through you and affects you. By getting involved with a particular emotion, you bring certain stresses and strains upon the body. All emotional stresses are caused by adhering to manmade concepts.

Because the heart is the love center, or the emotional center, it is the area most visually affected by emotional stress. Not having enough control over the emotions in your life will cause a breakdown. Each organ, being symbolic of a particular kind of thought and concept, draws its energy from the thoughts pertaining to that specific area. When there is a physical problem, you have a mirror image, in your body, of what is out of alignment with truth.    
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Digestive System

Utilization Of Material, Manmade Concepts

This system, with all of its various parts, is designed to take the foods you eat and break them down into building blocks. These building blocks can be used to build healthy new cells. In turn, this will build the new tissue that makes up the body.

There is a saying, "You are what you eat." To a degree, that is true. However, what you eat is also symbolic of what you think. Every food that you are attracted to has an emotional association within your subconscious. Some foods are traditionally or culturally favored because they give a sense of belonging. Other foods provide deep emotional gratification because one of your parents may have loved this particular food, and for the very same reason, I might add. Every single food has meaning to you way beyond eye and taste appeal. Every food is independently symbolic to you. Truly understanding your likes and dislikes of food will require a questioning session with yourself.

Your dislikes may be the result of different events in your life. For instance, pretend that as a child you were sitting at the kitchen table with your parents when they had a fight. Imagine that one of them threw mashed potatoes at the other and some landed on you. If this had happened, you would have made the emotional association that mashed potatoes equal rejection, anger or dissatisfaction.

There are many different reasons why you may not like something. The knowledge of what your food associations are lies deep within your Ego Self. You eat the foods that will be in keeping with your current emotional needs and the expectations of yourself, which are also tied into your emotions. Some foods will build the body while other foods stress, strain and tear down the body. You will be attracted to foods that will create and maintain weakness, illness, and even diseases that are in keeping with your self image. Your family tendencies in health are passed down in food tradition, likes and dislikes.    
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Digesting Thoughts & Emotions

It is here that you break down your food (thoughts), into a liquid (material life), so that it can be further digested and used as nourishment and rebuilding material. It is through this mental process that you use the things you hear, see and experience. You digest the situation and react accordingly. You will either assimilate it or reject it. Often, some situations and thoughts are so unacceptable that you literally cannot stomach them.

When you find yourself with an upset stomach or indigestion, you should ask yourself:

"What is it that I have just recently seen, heard or experienced that is bothering me?"    
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This organ aids the digestive system. It secretes enzymes into the stomach. Enzymes are living energy transformers. They assist in transforming one substance to another, one compound to another. As living entities, enzymes assist and fuel the living process.

When you cook or freeze foods, you usually kill all the enzymes that are contained within the food. So, you end up eating a food source that requires more effort to digest. By consuming foods that are cooked and processed, you are depriving yourself of life. In addition to the deprivation, you are also taxing your digestive system by introducing substances that are difficult, if not impossible to utilize.

By consuming manmade Concepts, you similarly accept non- nourishing and useless thoughts which do not enrich or enhance your spiritual growth and development.    
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The pancreas regulates the amount of insulin the body needs to control sugar levels. It also produces enzymes that aid in the digestive process. As a regulator, it helps you deal with the "sweets" of life.

Many people suffer from pancreatic disorders because they cannot handle or accept the sweet or finer things in life, or they over-indulge in the finer and sweeter things in life. Let's say that you have a lot of money, but you cannot enjoy it because of certain beliefs that you maintain. You end up not spending your money because you cannot deal with the fact that you have all this money, or that you should enjoy yourself. In this type of situation the concept of self-denial is at work.

On the other hand you can also over-indulge. In this example, the "finer things" become so important to you that is all you see.   
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Right & Left Sides

Certain accidents and ailments occur on one side of the body or the other. The side that is affected is symbolic.

In our studies, we see the right side of the body as being symbolic of faith in Self, the Spiritual thought or considerations, the feminine aspect of self. It represents the future as well as our faith in our Self in relation to a situation.

The left side deals with the Material considerations that you are going through. It reflects your past and how you draw on that past in dealing with the now. The left side represents the male aspect of the Self. Here are examples of how an accident can have different meanings depending on which side it affects.

If you break your right leg, you will want to think, from a questioning point of view:

"What am I going through that my faith in my Self, my ability to deal with this (whatever the current situation may be) effectively, will not support me?"

"What is causing me to have fear and to doubt in myself?"

"What is coming up in my immediate future that I don't think I will be able to stand up to?"

If you broke your left leg, you would want to ask yourself:

"What am I going through that is attacking my ability to continue to support myself?"

"What past concept of myself is creating fear and doubt in my ability to support my Self now?"

"What financial situation is brewing that I feel will create money problems?"   
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